Hey there,
I finally figured out this part of the website. 
Since I first started TXpedition, I've been wheeling around the Lone Star State a bit...

I was originally heading out to Big Bend in March, but work emergencies blew that out of the water. I was a little bummed to say the least.
In May of 2016 I attended my 2nd Lone Star Toyota Jamboree!  It was outstanding, as usual. Texas Trail Riders know how to put on a great event. 
A month later I found myself right back at the same spot in Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area camping and wheeling with some good friends. 

It is now July 1st and I have no set "Wheeling" plans, but I am heading south to Houston to visit family next week. I'm also heading up north to where the Yankee's live to visit the rocky coast of Southern Maine.  I can't wait for that trip!
I've rented an SUV to take my wife and family around the coast of Maine and Massachusetts. 
I hope to visit an old High School friend while I'm up there. It's been about 30 some years since I graduated and saw anyone from that era.