Well, it is January of 2017.
I had a pretty good 2016 wheeling wise. I got to his the local OHV parks a few times.
Jambo 2016 was a blast!  A month later we went back and the heat set in, camping sucked, but the trails were fun!
November brought the North American Soft Roaders to Barnwell Mountain, and I got asked to lead them on a few easy/moderate trails.  I was pretty honored AND it was a LOT of fun that day.
December finally came around and I lead some folks out to Big Bend for the Big Bend Holiday TXpedition run!  We had a blast.
Look for the write up in the January 2017 posts of http://overland.kinja.com   (My other blog/news site for overlanding)

2017 Looks to be promising with a wheeling and camping trip the first weekend in Feb.
Jambo 2017 is in May.
Key West is in September!


See you on the trails!